X axis travel;Y axis travel;Z axis travel;Spindle center to column (vertical milling);Spindle nose to table surface (or table center);Spindle center line to table surface (horizontal milling);Height from table surface (or table center) to floor;Table work area;Dimension of T-slot;Max. table load (rotary);Max. table load (fixed + rotary);Spindle taper;Spindle motor - cont / 30 / 10min;Spindle speed;Rapid feed rate - X/Y/Z;Axis feed motor - X/Y/Z;Cutting feedrate by table;Linear guide width (X/Y/Z);Ballscrew dia x pitch (X/Y/Z);Tilting (swivel) / rotary angles;Rotary rapid feed rate;Axis feed motor;Continuous indexing resolution;Continuous torque output;Braked torque (clamping);Max. tool length;Max. tool weight;Magazine capacity;Max. tool diameter (without adjacent tools);Tool exchange time;Pull stud angle;Tool selection method;Power requirement;Min/Max. air pressure;Coolant tank capacity;Std. NC controller (Fanuc);Floor space requirement (with conveyor);Max. machine height;Machine weight
700 mm;500 mm;500 mm;300 mm;100~600 mm; mm;766 mm;Ø630 x 500 mm;5 x 18H7 x 100 mm;300 kg; kg;BBT-40  ;11/15/18.5 (w/t CTS) 7/11/15 (w. CTS kW;12000 (opt. 15000) rpm;48 / 48 / 48 m/min; 7 / 4 / 7 kW;20 (opt. 30) m/min;45 / 45 / 45 mm;Ø40x16 (X/Y/Z) mm;-30 ~ 110 / 360 deg.;16.7 / 33.3 (B/C) rpm;3 / 1.6 (B/C) kW;0.001 (roller cam drive) deg.;3988 / 1738 (B/C) N-m;5880 / 1960 (B/C) N-m;300 mm;7 kg;30 (opt. 40, 60)  ;76 (125) mm;2.5 (T-T), 5.5 (C-C) sec.;15 (JIS 40P) deg.;Random  ;33 (excl. CTS) Fanuc 42 (excl. CTS) Heidenhain kVA;5.5 ~ 6.5 kg/cm2;400 L;0i-MF (10.4”)  ;3581 x 4475 mm;3038 mm;9000 kg
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Fortune International

Fortune International CNC 5-Axis Machining Centers Vcenter-AX630

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Tehnical Specifications



  • High rapid feed 48 m/min with roller type linear motion guideways for 3 axes.
  • Trunnion type tilting table (B+C axes) fixed on machine base enhances structure stiffness.
  • Backlash-less roller-cam drive mechanism rotated at higher speed further reduce the cycle time.
  • BIG-PLUS BT-40 (BBT-40) spindle 12000rpm (15kW).

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