Swing over bed;Swing over carriage;Between centers;Max. turning dia.;Std. Turning dia.;Bar capacity ;X axis travel;Z axis travel;E axis travel (subspindle);Y axis travel;Rapid feedrate ;Feed servo motor  ;JOG feedrate ;Ballscrew dia. x pitch ;Max. spindle speed;Spindle nose (chuck) ;Spindle bore;Spindle motor (cont./30min);Bearing inside dia.;Max. spindle speed;Spindle nose (chuck) ;Spindle motor (cont./25%);Bearing Inside dia.;Spindle bore;Bar capacity;No. of tools;No. of live tools;Tool shank size;Max. boring bar dia.;Exchange time (T-T) ;Exchange time (including disk up & down);Milling speed  ;Milling motor (cont./15%);Quill diameter;Quill taper;Quill stroke ;Positioning accuracy (bi-directional);Repeatability;Coolant tank capacity ;NC controller;Power requirement;L×W×H (with chip conveyor);Net weight
830 (limited by front door) mm;720 mm;604 mm;390 (390) mm;286 (286) mm;52 (opt. 66) mm;165+50 (165+50) mm;600 mm;- (550) mm;±45 mm;X/Z: 24/24 Y:10 (E:15) m/min;X:3, Z:4, Y:3 (E:2.5) KW;X/Z=0~1260 mm/min;f32×P6 (X), f40×P8 (Z) f32×P6 (Y), f40×P8 (E) mm;4200 (belt-driven) Opt. 5000 (built-in) rpm;A2-6 (8”) Inch;62 (opt. 76) Mm;7.5/9 (?iIP15) opt.15/18.5 (BiI180M) KW;100 (opt. 110) mm;7000 (built-in) rpm;A2-5 (5”) inch;7.5/11 (Bil112S) KW;75 mm;42 mm;30 mm;12 no.;12 (DIN 1809) no.;20 mm;BMT-55 mm;0.3 sec;1.04 (Adjacent) 1.45 (opposite) sec;4000 (opt. 6000) rpm;3.7/7.5 (?iI3/12000) KW;75 mm;MT#4  ;80 mm;0.01 mm;±0.004 mm;330 L.;0i-TF Plus (10.4”) Fanuc;35 (44) KVA;3882 x 2430 x 2056 3882 x 2430 x 2286 mm;6800 (7000) kg
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Fortune International

Fortune International CNC Horizontal Turning Lathe V-Turn-A200YSCM

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Tehnical Specifications



  • One piece 30? slant bed
  • Large swing diameter 720 mm
  • 8" Power chuck / 4200 rpm
  • Z-axis travel 600 mm
  • High thrust force 1583 Nm
  • High rapid feed 24/24 m/min (X/Z)
  • Shortened belt driven spindle
  • Rotary operation panel
  • Fanuc 0iTF Plus (10.4”, type-1) control
  • Power chuck with soft jaws
  • Programmable tailstock
  • Chip conveyor with cart
  • Fully enclosed splash guarding
  • Hand-wheel
  • Tool holders (only for standard turret)
  • Coolant flush on Z-axis cover
  • 3 step warning light
  • Fanuc e-book (CD)
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • Manual tool presetter (Renishaw®)
  • Auto tool presetter (Renishaw®)
  • Parts catcher (swing type)
  • KITAGAWA® hydraulic chuck
  • Auto door
  • Bar feeder interface
  • Air blow system
  • Higher pressure coolants
  • Oil skimmer
  • Sub-spindle (direct drive)
  • Large spindle bore
  • Fanuc manuals
  • Hard jaws

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