Swing over bed;Between centers;Max. turning length;Max. turning diameter;X1-axis (upper tool spindle);Z1-axis (upper tool spindle);Y-axis (upper tool spindle only);B-axis;E-axis (tailstock / sub-spindle);X1/Z1/Y/E/B-axis feed;X1/Z1/Y/E/B axis motor power;Ball screw dia. x pitch;1st spindle nose (chuck);1st spindle speed;1st spindle motor power (cont./30 min/15%);Spindle bore;Bearing inside diameter;Bar capacity;2nd spindle nose (chuck);2nd spindle speed;2nd spindle motor power (cont./30 min/15%);Spindle bore;Bearing inside diameter;Bar capacity;Turret type rpm;Continuous indexing resolution:;Max. speed;Milling motor power (cont./30min/25%);Tool specification;Tool capacity;Tool selection;Max. tool diameter (w/t adjacent tool);Max. tool length;Max. tool weight;Tool exchange time;Quill diameter;Quill stroke;Quill taper;Controller Fanuc;Tank capacity;Floor requirement (incl. chip conveyor);Power requirement;Net weight
660 mm;1376 mm;1075 mm;500 (tool length 70mm) mm;635 (+510/-125) mm;1170 (95+1075) mm;260 (±130) mm;240 (-30~+210) deg;1080 mm;36/36/36/24/(30rpm) m/min;5.5 / 7 / 4 / 2.5 / 3 kW;(X1: 40 x P10, Z1/Y/E: 40 x P12) mm dia. x pitch;A2-6 (8”) inch;4200 (opt. 5000) rpm;15/18.5/22 (high winding) kW;76 mm;110 mm;52 (opt. 66) mm;A2-6 (8”) inch;4200 (opt. 5000) rpm;15/18.5/22 (high winding) kW;62 (opt. 76) mm;100 (opt. 110) mm;52 (opt. 66) mm;Milling head with ATC;0.001 (by roller gear) deg.;12000 rpm;15/18.5/22 (high winding) kW;HSK-T63;40;Fixed tool pot number;90 (125) mm;300 mm;7 kg;2.0 (T-T), 6.0 (C-C) sec;NA (digital) mm;NA (digital) mm;MT-4 (live);0i-TF Plus (15”, type 0);300 L.;5437 x 3034 x 2906 mm;57 (74) kVA;12000 kg
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Fortune International

Fortune International CNC Multi-Tasking Turning Center VMT-X200

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Tehnical Specifications



  • Turning & Milling in one set-up
  • Y-axis travel 260 mm (10.2")
  • Max. turning dimension Ø500 x 1075 mm
  • Turning spindle 4200 rpm / 15 KW with 8” chuck for Vmt-X200, or 3500 rpm / 22 kW with 10” chuck for Vmt-X260
  • Milling spindle 12000 rpm / 22 kW
  • with HSK-T63 / A63 tooling
  • ATC-40 tools
  • Fanuc 0i-TF PLUS (15", type 0) control with iHMI +  AICC + MGI
  • Hydraulic chuck with soft jaws
  • Chip conveyor with cart
  • Automatic Tool Presetter (Renishaw®) for milling  spindle
  • Coolant flush to the bottom of Z-axis covers by  Walrus pump TPHK 4T4-4 (4 bars/60Hz)
  • Coolant ring around milling spindle with high  pressure coolant (4 bars/60Hz)  by Walrus®  pump TPHK 4T4-4)
  • Coolants through milling spindle (7 bars/60Hz) for  high pressure turning
  • Digital tailstock
  • LHL (Lube Hybrid Lubrication) system
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Fully enclosed splash guarding
  • Hand-wheel (Pulse generator)
  • 3 step warning light
  • Handy air gun
  • 2nd spindle (right spindle)
  • KITAGAWA® hydraulic chuck
  • Hard jaws
  • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
  • Steady rest
  • High pressure coolants
  • Bar feeder interface
  • Robotic parts catcher
  • Hand-wheel (remote MPG)
  • Air blow system
  • Auto door
  • Fanuc manuals
  • Oil skimmer (not required because of LHL  lube system.)
  • Fanuc 31i-B5 Plus control for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Test bar for accuracy calibration
  • Coolant gun

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