If you're looking for a way to give your project the extra precision it needs, look no further than our selection of high-quality horizontal machining centers and CNC lathes. We carry machines from top brands Hyundai-Wia or YCM Alliance that can handle even longest, heaviest parts easily with accuracy.

CNC Machines for the Construction/Agriculture Industry

We offer the most innovative manufacturing technology and advanced support resources in the construction/ agriculture industry, with a variety of machine configurations from which to choose, acute market knowledge and extensive applications expertise.

Whether you are machining vehicle frame components, gear cases, gear cases or hydraulic cylinders from cast iron, steel and other ferrous materials, we have what you need to reduce your cycle times, produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity.

CNC Machines Applications for the Construction and Agricultural Industry

Over the years we worked closely with construction and agriculture customers around the world, we identified challenges and added to our CNC machines line up that include.

• Advanced machines that productively perform milling, turning and boring operations.
• High-performance, high-precision gear cutting and honing solutions.
• Heavy-duty machines that easily tackle large, long shaft workpieces.
• Multi-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machining for reduced in-process time.
• Twin-spindle and twin-turret solutions that perform complete machining from slug material in a single setup, speeding up cycle times and improving manufacturing efficiencies.
• A wide variety of optional factory automation for unmanned operation.


• Vehicle Frame Components
• Engine Components
• Gear Cases
• Hydraulic Cylinders
• Hydraulic Pumps
• Drive train elements as in planet carriers, ring gears and also transmission components including shafts with internal and external splines and housing

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