Tool Die/Mold

Die/Mold CNC machining to cut dies and molds require high tolerance, precision, repeatability, and consistency. SMS Machine Tools carries a line up of CNC machines from leading CNC brands that will take your production to the next level.

CNC Machines for the Tool/Die  Industry

SMS Machine Tools has worked with the industry’s most demanding shops, so we understand your specialized needs.

Toolmakers who use SMS machine tools know that they’re sturdy, heavy CNC machines. Our leading brands of CNC Machines take no shortcuts and use high-quality cast iron in all our machines, and our castings are all naturally aged, with no artificial aging processes. We’ve done extensive research on the optimum web designs for castings and use those that provide a solid foundation which are best at preventing harmonics that lead to chatter. Some machines even incorporate a “hybrid way system” that combines a box way with linear roller guides, which ultimately provides the best of both way designs..

The Future of Die and Mold Industry

The die and old industry is expected to reach US $95.1 Billion by 2027 due to rising opportunities for aluminum metal injection molding, automation in the die casting process, high demand from construction activities, 3D printing, casting, and forging techniques that are driving the market forward. If you are in Industries like packaging, plastics, auto components, electronics, electrical, machine tools etc, then it’s time to increase your competitive advantage and contact SMS Machine Tools to discuss how we can help you choose the right CNC Machine for your requirements.

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