Automatic Screw Machine Process

What does it do? How can I use it? Why will it help me?

Most automatic screw machines have several slides and spindles that all hold various types of tools (drills, form tools, milling cutters, taps, dies, etc.). This gives the machine the ability to machine very high volumes of turned components with minimal supervision and high precision.

There are two main types of automatic screw machine: the Brown &Sharpe or Turret-type and the Swiss-type.Each may have anywhere from 1 to 8 spindles.

The Brown & Sharpe/Turret-type screw machine is no longer actively made, but is still run in hundreds of job shops due to its reliability and long life. It is cam-operated.

The Swiss-type screw machine is incredibly precise, able to hold tolerances to within a few micrometers. Most Swiss machines have a secondary spindle with live tooling and a guide bushing next to the cutting tools for added rigidity.

A single operator can supervise several different automatic screw machines at the same time, interfering only for setup and changeover.Multi-spindle screw machines are much faster since each spindle does its works simultaneously and independently. The machines can achieve greater precision than other types of lathes due to their use of a guide bushing and collet, which reduce the space between the work holding and the tool and thus increase rigidity and accuracy.

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